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Introductory Special

I am so thankful for it everyday

“I initially tried yoga because of a back injury and it contributed greatly to my recovery. Once recovered, I quit practicing, but later on began to think that yoga might help with my decreasing mobility and agility, which was creeping up due to age! I remember that it was savasana (the final resting pose) at the end of my second class that hooked me. I was able to relax so deeply that I felt I …Read More

Bud Carlson

Now I feel so much stronger in my body

“At the time I started yoga I was going through a very difficult time. I had just given birth, I was feeling fat, emotional and ungrounded. I was inspired to give yoga a try because I noticed that the people who practiced it regularly seemed really vibrant. From my very first class, I was immediately intrigued — it was obvious right away that there was a lot for me to learn here, a lot to feel…Read More

Anszil Keown

Reminds me of what’ s important in life

“I used to make a lot of choices and do a lot of things not realizing how bad they actually made me feel. Yoga helped me to recognize this. I quit smoking and eat a lot healthier now. But even though I know there’s a million health benefits from practicing yoga, those things have become just an added bonus — I get on my yoga mat every day primarily because it reminds me of what’ s importan…Read More

Holly Jarrard

I am so much healthier and happier

“I was overweight and unhappy with my body but I had heard that anyone could do yoga. I was a little nervous to try it at first but, even though I could hardly do any of the postures, everyone at Asha Yoga was so supportive and helpful that I felt comfortable right away. Now it really feels like my second home. It’s been amazing to see how what I learn from Yoga effects my whole life. I am so …Read More

Judy Bevington

I feel so much more aware and alive

“Before yoga I was very unaware, unfocused and I was always losing things. This was not how I wanted to live my life and it was yoga that helped me to make a huge change. Now, I feel so much more aware and alive in every moment and I spend much less time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. This helps me to stay focused and to be so much more organized. Practicing yoga also reminds…Read More

Molly Egan

Asha yoga is completely amazing

“When I think about how much yoga has influenced my life, and continues to do so every day, I can’t imagine not offering that opportunity to other people. Creating a Center that gives that gift to people every day has been a dream of mine since the moment I realized how much I myself have been given. Asha yoga is completely amazing. It was born from so much gratitude and inspiration that it co…Read More

Maureen Gildersleeve

Gives me so much inner strength

“Before yoga, ballet was my life! I loved every aspect of it from the beauty to the competitiveness. It allowed me to build strength but also made my body tense. When I started doing yoga, I was able to continue to build strength without the tension. The philosophies taught in yoga gave me the ability to feel at ease with MY body for the first time. Asha’s classes are inviting, peaceful and le…Read More

Jennifer Lin

I love Asha Yoga

“My experience at Asha Yoga has been life changing. Not only did I find a community of like-minded people, but I rediscovered and cultivated a sense of community and love within myself. I didn’t understand when I started the Living Yoga challenge that the physical practice would reach and transform my life as a person, mother, daughter, sister, friend or businessperson. Every day, every postur…Read More

Bernadeen Zivkovic

I can truly feel calm in my daily life

“I was never opposed to the idea of yoga, but was always too distracted with daily life to actually do it. I had heard so many good things about it and my doctor recommended it to me for health reasons, so I finally gave in and took a class. My usual workout routine consisted of running and weightlifting. I was surprised to find out that some of the poses were more challenging than weights! The …Read More

Rick Murphy

Not even enough words to explain the benefits

“My whole life I have been unsettled. I have never felt at home anywhere or had a place to call home. Constantly moving from place to place and trying to find comfort in other things led me to a life of disarray. I never thought yoga could help me feel at home, no matter where I was in the world! It has completely changed my life and do not think the changes will ever stop. Finding Asha has been…Read More

John Smith (UJ)
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