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Introductory Special


“I’ve known since early on that yoga has a transformative capability, but it was in studying more deeply through Cori’s yoga teacher training program that I have experienced a more profound understanding of yoga’s power to “yolk” us with who we really are and to connect to that authentic place within. It is in this deep inward connection that we are then able to fully connect with others and experience life… to really live. I feel so lucky to have been awakened to this truth, and I am forever thankful to Cori for helping to lead me there.” -Terry


Supreme Quality

“I had a fantastic experience at teacher training with Cori Martinez! I was apprehensive and I got way more than I bargained for. I talked to so many yogis about training, and have researched so many other programs and none of them compare to what I received from Cori. Working with her is by far the greatest gift!”

–Patsy Keehan



“I will forever be grateful to Cori for the tools she shared — which helped to transform many of my own negative and destructive patterns of thinking and false beliefs. It was a time filled with learning and laughing, teaching and crying, loving and being loved. –An absolutely life changing experience!” –Janice Burt


Personal and Professional Growth

“This is not a yoga teacher training for someone who just wants to learn how to teach yoga poses. This is a training for someone interested in going deeper and infusing their teaching with heart and soul. It challenged me in ways that made me feel open and vulnerable, all for the sake of cultivating the highest version of myself. And, not only did I learn how to teach yoga poses, I learned how to teach proper alignment based on human anatomy and the way the body works. I learned how to meditate, make friends with “my monkeys,” breathe deeply, chant, slow down, hold space for others, accept reality and trust the universe. As a new teacher, I know I’ll be fumbly-bumbly and will still forget my left and rights, but after this training, I’m confident that I can teach others the true essence of yoga: connecting with God, the Universe, a Higher Power, the highest version of ourselves, through this beautiful practice.” – Lisa Osoteo



“I have left training completely determined to achieve some goals that I have set for myself. I now believe in myself and in my ability to achieve these goals. I am so inspired to live a life full of more awareness and love. The training was an amazing experience and my life has been forever changed.” – Kimberly Kramer


Perspective and Clarity

“This training helped me learn to be vulnerable, it helped me to recognize the stories I’ve been telling for so long that were harming in ways I had never understood, this training helped me find compassion where before was judgement about how I felt that everything should go. This training helped me to see the world with open eyes and clarity I wasn’t sure I’d ever find again.” – Tyler Dickerson


Simply put, a fantastic idea!

“Let me first say that whether I teach or not, this training was the best thing I have done for a VERY long time. Thank you! It changed my life.” –Lisa Gibson

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