Asha Yoga

Is this training right for you?  Will it help you meet your specific goals (to teach or to grow personally or to heal or transform your body)? Are you physically ready? Do you know enough? Are your spiritual/religious/personal beliefs going to align? What are the other students going to be like?


A Yoga Teacher Training program can be life changing.

It can fill you with personal insight about your physical and mental patterns and profoundly shift those patterns that don’t serve you. It can prepare you for teaching safe, powerful and transfomational classes to others.

Or it can leave you under-educated, irresponsible and dissapointed.


What makes the difference?

Your teacher.

  • Her beliefs, approach, personality,  priorities and how this aligns with you and your goals.
  • Her knowledge. Does she understand functional anatomy? The history of yoga philosophy and psychology and what a modern application of these teachings really looks like?
  • Her experience & skill set. Has she spent time refining her teacher training course? Is she an educator trained to TEACH? Is she a facilitator trained to hold space for personal processing?


Cori Martinez

  • 20 years teaching yoga
  • 7 years  training teachers
  • Almost 20 years as a yoga studio owner
  • 10 years of anatomy training specific to yoga practice
  • A degree in transpersonal psychology, a specialty certification in human needs psychology, a specialty certification in a specific self-inquiry process called The Work
  • Mentored by multiple educators on HOW TO TEACH so students will LEARN
  • Available to help you make an informed decision.  Email to connect >>>>