Asha Yoga

Introductory Special

Three words that describe me are genuine, benevolentlyribald, and neverlackadaisical (that’s three words, right?)

My perfect meal is curry

Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee

Other than Asha, you might see me around Sacramento at Sacramento Pipeworks, Temple coffee, Bangkok Thai

I highly recommend Not wasting your time doing something you don’t love

I am thankful for this precious human life (thanks mom), all my wond-R-full Lama’s (Garchen Rinpoche, Thrangu Rinpoche, Traga Rinpoche, Anam Thubten Rinpoche, Lama Gursam, Swami Satyanada, Barbara Du Bois, Doug Swenson)

I hope for, hope is only a halfarsed, I’d rather DO or see others DO

I love everything as if all had been my mother in a previous life, in my best moments and eventually at all times

I’m scared of not much

Yoga has taught me to be not scared of much and to DO RIGHT NOW

I am inspired by those who aren’t scared and who do what they love

Three words to describe my teaching style are slowly meditative at first then intensely flowing to relaxingly indulgent

One of my favorite yoga books is A Systematic Course on the Tantric Techniques of Yoga & Kriya by Swami Satyananda

Music you might hear in my class Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Massive Attack, Bonobo, Damien Marley

My Yoga experience includes all of the proceeding if you have read this far…may all beings benefit

Call Us: 916-443-6535