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“When you feel good, you act smarter.”-Danielle La Porte (and a lot of other people too) Isn’t that your experience? And what is life like when you’re acting smarter? For me: I am more efficient with my time I am less uncontrollably-reactive and more calmly responsive in challenging situations I make choices that make my life easier instead of harder I could go on …Read More

For the Asha Yoga Newsletter This Month P.S. I also made THIS awesome piece of art… P.P.S If you LOVE your yoga practice and plan to continue it for a long time…consider my 200 Hour Wisdom, Skill and Grace Yoga Teacher Training. (It’s extremely valuable for any yoga student, even if you don’t want to teach.)…Read More

For “college” Emily went to the Music Conservatory and trained with the Cleveland Orchestra to be a classical musician where she eventually learned that as much as she loved music, she didn’t want the life of a classical musician. Though she no longer plays, she says yoga fills her in much the same way music once did. Before becoming a yoga teacher, Emily worked for …Read More

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