Asha Yoga

Introductory Special

Three words that describe me are energetic, enthusiastic and happy

My perfect meal is roasted root vegetables and salad

Coffee or tea? Tea please

Other than Asha, you might see me around Sacramento at Green Acre’s Nursery

I highly recommend making your own salad dressing

I am thankful for a thousand daily blessings

I hope for Eka Pada Rajakapotasana without making groaning sounds

I love nature and music

I’m scared of snakes (love spiders)

Yoga has taught me patience, self awareness and to accept my own limitations

I am inspired by people’s abilities to overcome impossible odds

Three words to describe my teaching style are clear, compassionate and humorous

One of my favorite yoga books is Light On Life by B.K.S. Iyengar

Music you might hear in my class an eclectic mix of Sting, sitar, world, jazz and more

My Yoga experience includes 10 years teaching with a focus on the Anusara style. I use that extensive knowledge to help guide students through the Foundation series at Asha every month.

Call Us: 916-443-6535