Asha Yoga

Introductory Special

Three words that describe me are friendly, enthusiastic and energetic

My perfect meal is depends on the season. I love veggies stir-fried, grilled, roasted, and love entree salads with fish, chicken or tofu

Coffee or Tea? Both. I don’t need coffee, however, I lived in Italy so a cappuccino has been a habit.

Other than Asha, you might see me around Sacramento on my cruiser bike, at the Co-op, Fusion Yoga Studio, walking my dog, and practicing yoga everywhere

I highly recommend finding balance and moderation in everything we do in life. I see so much suffering from too much or not enough of something. I say, love more

I am thankful for yoga. I don’t know how I would be if I didn’t have the teachings to help me along my journey and freedom from suffering.

I hope for all people to realize we have choices and that we can chose to live in the moment and see the amazing opportunity we have on this beautiful planet, and once we get it, help others to be happy

I love people, yoga, pets, movement, healthy food, travel, being in love

I’m scared of not much, maybe injuring myself

Yoga has taught to me the concept of living in the moment and that the root of my suffering is thinking too much and talking too much

I am inspired by happy people, they come in all shapes, ages, race, creed, color

Three words to describe my teaching style are diverse, creative and heart-opening

One of my favorite yoga books is Jivkamukti

My yoga experience includes workshops, retreats, classes, trainings, and lectures. For the past 11 years, very few days have gone by without a yoga experience. Yoga is an integral part of my life. I am open to all spiritual practice and experiences. I have been teaching full time since 2008

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