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Introductory Special

IMG_6221-e1368391818275-150x148For “college” Emily went to the Music Conservatory and trained with the Cleveland Orchestra to be a classical musician where she eventually learned that as much as she loved music, she didn’t want the life of a classical musician. Though she no longer plays, she says yoga fills her in much the same way music once did.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, Emily worked for fifteen years in non-profit art organizations including 8 years at the Mandavi Center handling artists, where she says she collected enough crazy stories to fill a book.

As for getting into trouble as a teenager…there’s not much to say. The “worst” thing Emily says she ever did was at band camp 🙂 in Virginia Beach. She went swimming in her underwear with a friend and they were caught by the chaperones who locked them in their room and taped the door shut!

Emily has been with her husband for 13 years and has a one and a half year old named Olivia who was born after four hours and ten minutes of labor, barely in the hospital!!

When asked if she speaks another language, Emily laughs and says “Yes. Appalachian”.

An exciting day for Emily nowadays includes a dance party at home with Olivia. (And maybe wearing boots with heals over her yoga pants!)

Three things you will always find in Emily’s grocery cart are chocolate, red wine and kale.

Emily meditates for 10 minutes a day wherever and whenever Olivia naps. Today, in the middle of a pile of blocks and stuffed animals.

Growing up in bible belt, Emily spent a long time reconciling the meaning of God, and many of her peers thought she was going to hell. Today Emily defines God as LOVE.

Emily is passionate about raising awareness of the impact of land mines in conflict areas…stemming from her travels through cambodia.

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