Asha Yoga

Introductory Special

Three words that describe me are happy, relaxed, fun.

My perfect meal is I love tacos! I could have tacos every single day. I like corn tortillas and looove to add guacamole too. Veggie or meat, I’m up for either. Whoever invented the taco is a genius!

Coffee or tea? I love coffee, but it makes me feel too nervous so by default I’d have to say tea. I have green tea, honey and unsweetened almond milk on most mornings these days.

Other than Asha, you might see me around Sacramento at the movies, Paesano’s or the Co-op.

I highly recommend meditation (it’s awesome), Sherlock (TV show), and the Clairsonic (battery-operated facial cleansing brush) is a miracle worker!

I am thankful for my health, family, friends and all the happy moments in my life!

I hope for a time when I have no fear, no worries and can truly think of others before myself.

I love a really good nights’ sleep and delicious, fresh food.

I’m scared of so many things! Spiders scare me, things not working out how I want them to scares me and anger is the scariest!

Yoga has taught me to start to honor my body and listen to the wisdom that it holds instead of drowning it out with endless chatter in my mind.

I am inspired by most everyone, each person has their beautiful and unique wisdom. I am deeply inspired by my teachers who are amazing and wise.

Three words to describe my teaching style are fun, challenging and balanced.

One of my favorite yoga books is The Yoga Sutras of Master Patanjali.

Music you might hear in my class Very eclectic! I like 80’s and 90’s, hip hop, oldies, folk music and mostly anything that makes me feel happy.

My Yoga experience includes I started practicing in 2001 in San Diego at a Bikram yoga studio. I have done teacher trainings in the following styles: Power yoga, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Lady Niguma Yoga and with Shiva Rhea, Rusty Wells, Sarah Powers and more. I have a daily meditation practice as well, that I started about six years ago.

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