Asha Yoga

Introductory Special

Elliot found yoga 6 years ago. He loved the physical challenge and stayed for the mental effects.
He writes, creates music, teaches yoga full time and does his best to assimilate his yoga practice into his entire life.

Elliot thinks that yoga classes should provide enough challenge for every student in the room and each stretch should offer an opportunity in one variation or another to all students. He says, “I try to variate and create space for everyone to be in a pose.

In Elliots Dynamic Yogi classes, you can still expect some meditation and Savasana for decent periods of time, as well as unique sequences, back-bends, inversions, arm-balances, sun-salutations, wall-stretches, and more! (but definitely not in that order…)

In his Balanced Yogi classes, you can expect to turn inward, get quite, go deep, definitely do some deep breathing and rest in a really awesome Savasana (maybe in that order).

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