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Introductory Special

Dear friends,

I have something kind of important to tell you. Even though there are tons of great opportunities to practice yoga in Sacramento, there is a HUGE difference in the yoga we teach at Asha Yoga. Now, maybe you’ve come to this conclusion on your own, and maybe not. In any case, I feel like it’s worth saying again and again and again.

Because I love every yoga studio in Sacramento and I love that there are so many teachers passionately sharing this practice in parks, gyms, community centers, prisons, homeless shelters and many other places…I sometimes feel hesitant about making sure people know that Asha Yoga IS different.

But I’m going for it today. And maybe even from here on out for these reasons:

  • I’ve been teaching yoga for 18 years.
  • I feel strongly about offering the highest quality yoga practice possible.
  • I want you to know WHY Asha Yoga is specifically able to add to the quality of your life.
  • I want you to be inspired to show up frequently and consistently HERE at Asha Yoga, where the quality of your practice will make the biggest impact on the quality of your life.
  • and probably because my hair is 80% grey (yes, I dye my hair) and I do kinda believe (but I know it doesn’t always apply) that experience + gray hair = wisdom. So I think I know what I’m talking about and I want you to know what I know because I’m a teacher to my core. So I guess I have to tell you what that is. :)



We have:

  • Knowledgeable, authentic teachers
  • Variety in the styles we offer (from “mindfully athletic” to quiet and meditative).
  • Skillful alignment that supports your safety in class and re-aligns your body over time to a permanent optimal posture.
  • Intelligent sequencing that promotes you accessing your full potential.
  • Acknowledging and utilizing the true power of the breath–teaching specific techniques that help keep you strong or surrendering in your practice (and less stressed in your life).
  • Encouragement & support for taking yoga “off the mat” and into your everyday life.




Skillful Alignment:

Yoga’s evolution into America has included a strong physical focus, but most of the alignment taught in yoga classes has been passed down from teachers who haven’t studied the way the body actually functions. I’ve studied functional anatomy for the past 18 years and discovered multiple handfuls of common alignment instruction that actually does more harm than good for your body.  I’m on a mission to change this. And I’ve worked hard to train the teachers at Asha Yoga to support your safety and maximize the benefits you get from your practice by teaching skillful alignment that supports your safety in class and re-aligns your body over time to a permanent optimal posture. This means, we teach alignment that:

A) May not look as cool.

B) May be different than you’ve heard from other teachers.

C) Is skillful and safe based on how a body is designed to move.

Plus…skillful alignment considers the state MOST BODIES are in due to the time we spend slouching, sitting and typing. Your time on the mat serves you more when the alignment you strive for moves you toward an optimal daily posture rather than perpetuates the current habits that drain your energy, cause physical tension and ultimately lead to injury and disease. The alignment we teach at Asha Yoga (and the pace we lead our dynamic yoga practices at–slow enough that you can apply the details that make the difference) considers your current, draining habits and works to transform them.


Variety in the styles we offer:

Yoga practice is not “one size fits all” or even “one size fits one person every day” (are you following that?) A transformational and quality practice has BOTH repetition and variety. You will benefit most from your practice when you consistently repeat the variety of being active and invigorating, deep stretching, softly letting go, and adding meditation. That’s exactly what we offer: Dynamic Yogi, Balanced Yogi, Mellow Yogi, and Yoga Nidra. For the most benefit, choose what feels most needed this day or week with the goal to come to all of them every month.


Intelligent sequencing:

In every class at Asha Yoga the sequencing has been specifically designed to help you access your full potential. While many yoga classes outside of Asha Yoga (flow classes in particular) are designed based on the creative choreography of exciting and challenging movements, our teachers plan a theme or a peak pose and create a sequence that systematically prepares your body to receive maximum benefit. This means, your practice:

A) May not look as cool.

B) Will be safer, more fruitful and more effective.


The true power of the breath:

Although breathing is simple and obvious, we often take it for granted, ignoring the power it has to affect us on all levels.

One of the major benefits of yoga is that we become conscious of our breathing, and— sometimes for the first time as adults—we learn to take proper deep breaths.  At Asha Yoga we teach The Complete Breath, which is truly a game changer. The Complete Breath:

A) May not sound as cool (for those of you who know about ujjayi–the whisper sounding breath)

B) May not be talked about as much in the larger yoga community

C) Improves your posture—your yoga postures and your overall posture, activates 100% of your major core muscles and therefore makes your dynamic practice more strength building and more powerful, soothes your nervous system which results in a more positive mood and calmer state of mind–just to mention a few of the benefits.


So there you have it! A lot of valuable reasons to come spend some time with us at Asha Yoga. Because the quality of your practice affects the quality of your life and our mission (all of us–we’re all on board) is to add to the quality of your life.


One more VERY IMPORTANT thing:

You experience the benefits of a quality yoga practice when you practice frequently and consistently.

And our entire staff of teachers wants to help you develop as frequent and consistent a practice as possible by supporting you through a 30-day challenge…FREE!

The challenge begins NOVEMBER 16th, 2015. See the details and SIGN UP HERE.


I truly hope to see you at Asha soon!


With Love,

Cori Martinez


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