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Introductory Special

50-Hour-SnippetIn my own opinion, 50 hours is not enough training to transform a passionate yoga student into a professional yoga teacher. So why am I offering a 50 hour yoga training?

Because every yoga student benefits tremendously from the information offered in teacher training programs and yet a 200 hour program is not always in the financial or time budget for those who have no intention to teach.

Also, because current yoga teachers who have already taken a 200 hour training are in need of continuing education beyond the basics of most 200 hour programs.

I love Vinyasa yoga, and yet it is a challenge to teach and learn an intelligent approach in a 75 min class a few times per week, which sometimes results in unskillful practice. My passion is to teach and practice with intelligence and heart. So this 50 hour training is designed to advance the skillfulness of moving the body through a yoga practice while deepening the understanding of yogic philosophy that opens the heart.

I am a powerful creator of every aspect of my life. I cherish and respect myself and others as spiritual and human beings. I express myself clearly and honestly from a place of integrity and alignment with my spirit.

My purpose: To help others and myself see with truth, clarity and love.

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