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Introductory Special

If we had a dollar for every time we hear, “I’d love to do yoga but I just…you know…CAN’T” then we’d have a lot of dollars! While it’s true that yoga can be one of the most challenging things I have done, it is also one of the most suitable forms of exercise for all levels of fitness and age. If you’re looking to get into beginner yoga in Sacramento but just aren’t sure, take a look at some of these crazy yoga myths we’re debunking.

  • Only flexible and skinny people can do yoga. FALSE!! Here’s a great fact: yoga makes you flexible. And it’s just practice that makes it easier. Trust me, you will find yogis of all shapes, sizes and abilities in class. In fact, yoga is one of the best exercises to do for pregnant women and those recovering from illness and surgery.
  • Yoga isn’t really exercising. This is another big myth we hear a lot! Take a hot yoga class and then get back to us. There are many, many forms and types of yoga that range from simple meditation to a physical routine of asanas or postures. You can choose the level of challenge that you want – from a meditative Hatha style to a rigorous Vinyasa flow practice.
  • Yoga is just for women. While yoga seems to primarily draw in women, yoga is definitely not gender specific. There are many, many men who do yoga regularly – in fact most of the famous practitioners or instructors were/are all men!
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