Asha Yoga

Introductory Special

Yoga tends to be seen as an insider form of exercise. There are terms and positions that, from an outsider or beginners’ perspective can seem too intimidating or undesirable. Most of the people that are seen doing yoga are those with experience, flexibility and the right clothing. However, none of these are prerequisites for learning and practicing yoga. Many studios have helpful teachers who will take the time to teach. Beginning yoga in Sacramento is available. Here are some classes to look for when finding beginning yoga classes for yourself or someone else.

Find a beginning yoga class that teaches the correct postures. While yoga can be a hands-on form of exercise, it doesn’t have to be. Instructors should correct incorrect movements and helps you, sometimes asking if they can correct your posture or position. Some of the yoga postures won’t automatically feel natural and it may take practicing it for a while before it “feels” right and before you build that muscle memory.

Find a studio where you are comfortable. Some studios teach the Sanskrit along with the movements and postures, leaning into the practice that it can be a lifestyle. Yoga can also be taught as more than a form of exercise, focusing more on the fitness aspects of the practice of yoga.

Our instructors at Asha Yoga are gentle teachers and patient with those starting yoga. Our studio is great for beginning yoga students in Sacramento. Our beginning level classes offer slower paced movements and more thorough explanations along with time and opportunities to ask and answer questions. Beginning yoga instructors will explain the movements and correct positioning for the different yoga poses. We also have many intermediate and advanced classes offered. 

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