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Introductory Special
  1. A Secret Every New Yoga Student Should Know

    Originally published in MindBodyGreen by Asha Yoga Owner & Teacher, Cori Martinez The other day my six-year-old daughter was preparing for her first piano lesson. She shuffled toward me with her head down. “Mommy, I’m kind of embarrassed to go to piano lessons,” She said, “because I don’t know anything about playing the piano.” I've seen this so many times before. Not with my daugh…Read More

  2. Yoga PSA: What Makes a Quality Yoga Practice

    Dear friends, I have something kind of important to tell you. Even though there are tons of great opportunities to practice yoga in Sacramento, there is a HUGE difference in the yoga we teach at Asha Yoga. Now, maybe you've come to this conclusion on your own, and maybe not. In any case, I feel like it's worth saying again and again and again. Because I love every yoga studio in Sacramento and I l…Read More

  3. 5 Unexpected Benefits Of Yoga

    For thousands of years, practitioners of yoga have touted its physical and mental benefits. Physically, yoga helps to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Psychologically, yoga will reduce stress and helps to cultivate mindfulness and an awareness of the immediate present when concentrating on poses. But there are a few positive side-effects you might not expect when you make yoga classes…Read More

  4. Don’t Make These Huge Beginning Yoga Mistakes

    Yoga is all about respecting where your body is currently at and gently pushing its comfort zone. It's certainly not about perfection or looking a certain way in your yoga gear or on your mat. However, there are certain alignment principles that will keep you safe and will ensure that your time on your mat is actually doing your body good and these are great principals to learn during your Sacram…Read More

  5. Need Help Being Frequent & Consistent with Yoga?

    This post is specifically for those participating in our 30 Day Yoga Challenge. It’s an (unedited) excerpt from my upcoming book:   The Little Book of Yoga How to massively add to the quality of your life with a frequent and consistent Quality Yoga Practice   START NOW Twice per year I lead a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course for students who want to majorly deepen their practi…Read More

  6. Ridiculous Yoga Myths Debunked

    If we had a dollar for every time we hear, “I’d love to do yoga but I just…you know…CAN’T" then we'd have a lot of dollars! While it’s true that yoga can be one of the most challenging things I have done, it is also one of the most suitable forms of exercise for all levels of fitness and age. If you're looking to get into beginner yoga in Sacramento but just aren't sure, take a look…Read More

  7. Join An Ancient Therapeutic Tradition

    Around 2,300 years ago, a revolutionary bodywork style of therapy was created within the temples of Thailand. Its creator is said to have been Shivago Komarpaj, a well-known yogi and doctor. Rumor has it that, among others, he actually treated the Buddha. This therapeutic art had its origins within the Indian traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, along with Chinese and Southeast Asian influences. Sinc…Read More

  8. 17 Benefits of Yoga Beyond Flexibility

    When you think of yoga, you may think about people bending themselves into amazingly complex poses and holding them for what seems like way too long. You may also think about people chanting in yoga classes or saying OM while they’re all twisted up. Aside from flexibility and meditation, yoga has loads of benefits when practiced on a regular basis. When you start regularly taking yoga classes ne…Read More

  9. Yoga for Beginners

    Yoga has many benefits. People who start taking yoga classes often have differentiated goals. Some people practice yoga with the intention of gaining a deeper grasp on spirituality, while others go purely for the physical benefits. It doesn’t matter your reason for starting beginning yoga classes. Know that you will be welcome in the beginning yoga classes, and a great teacher will help you modi…Read More

  10. Finding Beginning Yoga Classes is Easier than Thought

    Yoga tends to be seen as an insider form of exercise. There are terms and positions that, from an outsider or beginners’ perspective can seem too intimidating or undesirable. Most of the people that are seen doing yoga are those with experience, flexibility and the right clothing. However, none of these are prerequisites for learning and practicing yoga. Many studios have helpful teachers who wi…Read More

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