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At Asha Yoga in Sacramento, we value authenticity, connection, kindness, quality over quantity, a mindful physical practice, intelligent sequencing, Spirit, breath and a lot of LOVE. 

Our mission is to offer the type of yoga classes that will add to the quality of your life by helping you be physically healthy, emotionally balanced and spiritually connected.


The Asha Yoga Experience

At Asha Yoga we believe in an intelligent, balanced practice with heart. We promote skillful alignment, thoughtful sequencing, expansive breathing, and yoga as a way of life. Our teachers are highly trained, professional yoga teachers and are dedicated students of yoga in Sacramento.

We love a varied practice. In some classes, you'll be energized by the thrill of discovering handstand or the aliveness of an invigorating sequence. In others, it will be the relief of a safe space, a soft and gentle practice, nourishment and unconditional support that sets you free.


We look forward to sharing an amazing experience with you at Asha Yoga! Stop in to see us and join us for Sacramento yoga.

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